This is the online class for the Third Trimester of the 2019-2020 school year.

For the online course, the district wants each class to give work and information for students two hours of the week.  The school week should consist of 10 hours of school work and learning.  However, because Graphic Design is more work based and most of the time the amount of work consists of more than two hours, most if not all of the assignments will be watching videos and taking notes to gain credit.

Each student must follow each assignment based on the number and week available.  In that page there will be videos, maybe one, maybe more.  Watch the videos and take notes.

This will be for both Graphic Design 1 and Advanced Graphic Design classes.

I understand that most of you do not or cannot install the adobe programs.  However, as soon as I get word on how to get you all to download and install, I will make a video on that.  For the time being, please watch the videos and take notes.