Adobe Animate CC – Digital Animation

Adobe Animate CC Digital Animation project

You will create a 2D animation in Adobe Animate using the traditional means. The animation must be 8 to 10 seconds long or longer. You must create a character for your animation.

Step one – Create your idea based on the theme, Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Your animation must be based on the Greek mythology of the God and Goddesses. How you create that is up to you.

Step two – Create a background.  The scene size needs to be 1920 x 1080. 

Be it mount Olympus, or a the mortal realm of troy.  The background can be anything from the Greek Mythology.  Must be fully colored.  You could even make the background in Illustrator and then transfer it over.

Step three – The story of the animation.  The animation must be something interesting.  

The animation must be between 8 to 10 seconds long.  You only have to animate one character.

Step four – You must create a character sheet.  You will get a grade of the character sheet.

character sketchcharacterdetailcharactercolor

The character sheet is the drawing of your character you will animate with its color that you will use.

Step Five – Start the animation.

You have 3 weeks to work on your animation.