Advertising and Marketing Project

Student will create a campaign based graphic project to promote a specific toy.  Students will create a small toy from the ground up, starting from a simple sketch to a solid toy object.  Student will also need to create promotional material of their specific toy; i.e. posters, shirts, box/product designs, etc.


Sketch up

Design a simple front and side sketch of your toy in your sketchbook.  The design shouldn’t be overly complicated, you will be modeling with your toy with sculpy later on.



Using the design you have created, you will build a maquette of your toy.  The maquette will be hardened and then made into a mold that we will create a resin copy of.  The maquette will be used for picture and promotional material that will be scattered around the school.



Advertising and Marketing

This part of the project will require you to create promotional material for your toy.  All student are competing with one another to create advertisements of their toy that will be put up around the school to bring awareness of said toy.

What you will need to create…

  • Posters
  • A shirt design
  • Stickers to give out
  • A brand name (so students know who you are)
  • A box design to put your toy in
  • Counter campaigns to try and influence student to buy your toy rather than the other students toy.