Final Exam Magazine/Portait

Your final exam is to create a magazine cover with a vector portrait of yourself.


In the vector portrait, you will use Adobe Illustrator to create a shape portrait of yourself.  Use the pen tool and any other tool to accomplish your portrait.


As you can see in the image above, the different shapes create the values of color in your face.  You must mimic those values with filled shapes using the pen tool.  You only have to do your skin and you don’t have to use the same color of your skin.  You can create a monochromatic color scheme for your face.


The magazine cover that you will create needs to have a students picture as your main focus.  Using Adobe Photoshop, you will edit the picture of the person and put it into your magazine cover.



The image above shows how the project should be done.

Expectations and Guidelines to follow for full credit are as needed:

  • Use the Magazine_Cover in the share folder as your magazine file.
  • The Students image should be the main focus of your magazine.
  • All Text needs to be inside the guides.
  • You need a logo and title at the top of your magazine, the title can be what ever you want it to be.
  • You need at least 3 Ad Blurbs on your magazine cover.
  • You need to take a photograph somewhere at school to add as your background.
  • Use adjustments to your background photo to enhance it.  You can do whatever you want to it.