Illustrator – T-shirt Design

You will create a T-shirt design.

Part 1: Thumbnails.

You must always start your ideas as thumbnails.  Thumbnails should be fast.  You can draw or your can write (prefer to draw being that this is an visual art based class.)  The example below can give you an idea.


Create at least 10 thumbnails.

You  must have:

  •  10 Thumbnails to get full credit.
  • Artistic Design that can be put onto a shirt.  This design is up to you.  No copyright material.  ORIGINAL WORK ONLY.

Things you cannot use… not everything will be on the list.  Ask first before using.

  1. Celebrity pictures
  2. Another artists designs.
  3. Famous works of art.
  4. Cartoon characters.

Part 2: Scanning.

I will show you how to scan.  If you are ready to, let me know.

Part 3: Illustrator.

Once you have your scanned drawing, you will open the drawing in Illustrator and create it with the pen tool (your drawing is in the share folder).  Remember, you will use the same techniques as you used with the Apple and Monkey King assignments. However, you can go about a different method to which you create your logo and Tshirt.

Requirements: Design


  1. As long as you did not steal or copy from something else, do what you want.