Low Poly Dynamics Scenes (FINAL EXAM)

Assignment:  Students must build the necessary models down below.  Creating an interesting display of animation and shots with dynamics.  Camera control, lighting and rendering will be added to finish off the effect through several created scenes.

Modeling: Low Poly Objects needed to model for exam.

A Tower.  The tower needs to be based on the reference.  You can find the reference in the share folder.


Cannon.  You can use the reference that is located in the share folder, or you can make your own custom cannon.


Landscape and Mountains. You need to have a landscape created, with water.  The mountains can be created in a separate scene.


Trees.  You need to model two trees.  They can be the same type of tree, just modeled differently.


Clouds.  Easy to model.


Custom Object.  You need to build one object that can be anything you want.  Examples: A bridge, cottage, Bunker, etc.  I built a bridge for this example.


Dynamics:  There will be several dynamics added to the scene.  Flags that are moving with wind.  nCloth blocks that will be destroyed by a cannon ball.  Fluids that will be used as smoke and fire.  Etc.

Camera and Lighting:  At least six scenes need to be created.  The short film should be that of a cannon firing at the tower, blowing through it a small hole.  You may add more scenes as you wish.

Scenes that are a must.

You need to have a scene that shows the entirety of your tower and the area around it.  Flags will need their dynamics through nCloth and so on.

In this scene, the cannons move up through key animation.  I decided for a close up on the first two, then the rest come forward.  You do not have to have more than one.

This is the scene in which the cannon fires the cannon ball. I created it so that the camera follows in front of the cannon ball until it reaches the end, which the end will be cut to a different scene.

You will need to use a motion path to fire the cannon ball.  But how you set up your camera is up to you.  You do not have to do it the same as I did.

The last required scene is to have the cannon hitting the tower and breaking it apart.

Rendering:  Once all scenes are completed, you will batch render the scenes and put them together using Adobe Premier. I will show you how to put that together at the end.

FINISHING: Once you have finished everything, you will submit all finals into the drop box.