Maya – Box Modeling a Dog Assignment

For this assignment you will learn the Box Modeling method on how to model an organic dog.  Using this method you will learn and understand how to adjust your mesh to create rounded edges from basic geometric edges of a cube or box, hence the terminology of box modeling.

You will understand good practices in the use of topology and understanding good topology so that your mesh will have a balanced and fluid look.

What is 3D Topology? Topology is in reference to the geometric surface characteristics of a 3D object. Modelers strive for “clean” topology, typically illustrated by a 3D mesh with efficient polygon distribution, proper placement of polygonal edge-loops, few or no triangular faces (as opposed to 4-sided “quads”), and clean precise creases that minimize stretching and distortion.

That is why the box modeling method is so important when you are first learning to model.  Polygonal placement is incredibly important for many reason as to limit the amount of fixing one would need to do in order for the model to look and act correctly.

But as technology becomes better, topology will also become easier to create without a lot of time wasted.


You will model a dog with the box modeling method.  We will go along in class to create the dog and then you can use the video below to help refine your knowledge.

Remember, box modeling this way can achieve almost any result you are looking for, so when we start to create original models, you will use this same method as the dog.  Critical thinking is what will help increase your ability to be creative.