Maya – Low Poly Final

For your Final Exam Project.  You are going to model a Low Poly Environmental Model.

I may add and make you restart as the weeks end.


  • All models must be done in Maya.  No mudbox.
  • Models need to be colored.
  • All models must be complete to get full credit.  See list below.
  • Specific Dynamics will be added to your model.  Complete those to get full credit.
  • Models must be appropriately done.  No n-gons, tris, or bad geometry.
  • All requirements met to get full credit.


  • A model of a building.  Needs to be complex, not simple.
  • Two different types of trees.
  • Stone Rocks.
  • An organic model. (Birds, dogs, fish, etc.)
  • Two smaller structures related to the scene of the environment. (Bridge, Tower, Automobile, etc.)
  • A water source. (River, Ocean, etc.)
  • Square landmass.
  • 20 small models to add to your scene.
  • DYNAMIC flag.
  • Some type of Dynamic Particles, let me know what you want to do so we can figure it out.