Photoshop – Face Mash Assignment

For this week you have two options.  Watch the videos and take notes like the rest of the weeks.  Or!  Use photoshop to create a face mash of you and another person using the tutorials below.  If you have any questions, let me know.

If you decide to do the photoshop project, just take a picture of you in front of a solid color wall, doesn’t matter what color, can be white.  Then, take another picture of someone else.  Use your phone to take the pictures.

The face mash assignment will incorporate masking, transformations, refine edges, brush tools, move tools, and blending.

The first part of the assignment will be in class working along side your teacher.

The second part you will need to do by yourself.

Taking the green screen out.

With your teacher you will need to mask out the green screen in both your image and your partners image, using the refine edge tool to get all the details in the hair.

Mashing the face together.

Yous your face first and place your partners eyes and mouth.  The second one you will used your partners face as the base and your eyes, nose and mouth.


Changing the adjustments on an apple.

Eye Color

Changing the eye color.

You will submit both files to me through the dropbox.