Photoshop – Photomanipulation

There will be two parts to the photomanipulation.  Two different projects.

First Photomanipulation

Direction:  In the first part you have the ability to use any picture off the internet.  Remember, everything you do is copyright, so we can’t show it or use it in anyway.  However, the point to this project is so you have the freedom to do anything you want to create.  Using the techniques we have learned in the past few weeks.


  • Create a thumbnail before using photoshop.  Draw a thumbnail of what you are going to photomanipulate.
  • Your project must be a photomanipulation that represents a future world.  What would the world look like in the future.
  • You must use at least 30 images you find on the internet.
  • You must use adjustments to the images to fix, correct or adjust the lighting, color, etc.
  • All pictures should have a mask if they are cut out.
  • craftsmanship is key.  Make sure it looks realistic and not fake.