Project 1 Lab

Personal Branding Project —

With the personal branding project, students will construct a variety of designs in the style of their choice.  The construction of a brand for each design.  Make sure that your designs are similar in theme.

Items you must create —

  1. Logo
  2. Business Card
  3. Branding Cover
  4. Cover Letter Header/Resume Header


The logo must be designed in your sketchbook and created in Illustrator.  You will need at least 5 examples or thumbnails.

The logo should identify you.  It is your personal logo.

Business Card

Because this is a creative industry, your business card should be creative as well.  You will make a double sided business card.  The back will have a interesting design and the front will have your information.  You can put designs on the front but make sure that it doesn’t take over the information.

Card Size–

3.5 x 2 inches (1/8 inch for bleed area)

What you need on the front of your card–

  • Name
  • Phone number (don’t add it to this, just make a place holder)
  • Email (one that you use all the time)
  • Website (You can use tumblr, instagram, facebook, where ever shows your work)

Branding Cover

Branding Cover is the design cover for a hard copy portfolio.  You want to create something that stands out, represents you, and keeps within the style template you are using.

The dimensions for the cover will be a simple 8.5 x 11 inches.  You can choose any size for your hard copy, but for the sake of simplicity and convenience keep it letter size.

The look of your cover should be designed specific to the style of your logo and business card.

Plan out your cover with a few thumbnails and show me for a check up.

Cover Letter Header/Resume Header

Standard letter size 8.5 x 11 inches. Example below.