Propaganda Poster

Create a poster in Photoshop that emphasizes the style of Propaganda Posters.  You must use an issue that is not political.

The idea of this assignment is to create something as a design that would show influence in that particular issue.  As a designer, your purpose is to sell products with artistic designs.  Use google and look up additional poster designs online.


  • Poster must be 22 x 30 inch.
  • Poster must be done in Adobe Photoshop. (You can use Illustrator for some of it!)
  • 5 thumbnail ideas shown to the teacher.
  • Use a non political issue.  Example: War on Robots.  Pro donuts.  Aliens are taking over the world! etc.
  • The posters should be updated to meet the design standards of modern day, but with an old style.
  • Good Craftsmanship!